We are Certified organic growers of fine herbs and seedlings.

We grow a wide range of high quality Herb, Vegetable and Microgreens for some of New Zealand’s top Chefs, reputable restaurants, discerning home gardeners and commercial growers who recognise the flavour and health benefits of quality organic produce.

Our MicroGreens have appeared on MasterChef New Zealand.

Our plants are available at selected garden centres, supermarkets and Farmer’s Markets around Auckland, throughout the North Shore and up the Matakana Coast – and from our Nurseries in Riverhead and Warkworth.

Plant Products

Organic Herbs

Fresh organic herbs have the most amazing depth of flavour. Improve the taste and goodness of every meal with fresh herbs grown from our Organic seedlings.

Organic Vegetables

Fresh seasonal vegetables are part of our past – and should be part of your future. Organic vegetables are not only better tasting – they are better for you.. and better for the environment.

Organic MicroGreens

MicroGreens are the healthiest garnish there is! Smaller than baby greens but larger than sprouts, microgreens enhance the beauty, taste and freshness of any dish.

Organic Flowers

More vibrant colours, sweeter perfume, genuine natural beauty. Our organic flower seedlings grow into the best possible decoration for your home and your garden. Good for every environment.

The true nature of plants is that many are seasonal.

We are opposed to Genetic Modification (GM) and do not grow our plants in hot-houses, or use hydroponics.

So whilst we have an extensive list of organic seedlings, we only grow them during their season.

Please check with us what is available at time of ordering.

You can see all the varieties we grow by clicking on each section below to view product lists.


Organic Herb Varieties



Organic Vegetable Varieties



Organic MicroGreens Varieties


Edible Flowers

Organic Flower Varieties


Where to buy our Organic Herbs & Seedlings

From Farmer’s Markets

Matakana Farmers Market

Saturdays 8am – 2pm

Matakana Square


021 0225 5828

Parnell Farmers Market

Saturdays  0800 – 1200

545 Parnell Rd. (Behind Blind Institute)

Parnell, Auckland

09 555 5154

Grey Lynn Farmers Market

Sundays 0900-1230

510 Richmond Road

Grey Lynn

From Retail Outlets

New World, Warkworth

6 Percy Street


Open Daily 7am – 9pm

Boric Foodmarket, Kumeu

1404 Coatesville-Riverhead Hwy

Albany 0892

Daily 8am – 6pm

Kings Plantbarn. St. Lukes

118 Asquith Ave

St. Lukes

09 524 9400

Daily 8.30am – 5 pm

From the Nursery

Seedlings can be ordered for collection from our Nurseries – please call your closest nursery to make an appointment.

Riverhead Nursery

951 Coatesville- Riverhead Hwy, Riverhead, Albany 0793

Contact: Rob Velseboer | 021 0232 3555

Open Fridays/Saturdays 9am-3pm

(Bio Cert 5260)

Riverhead Nurseries

Organic Herbs & Seedling Riverbed Nursery

Visit by Appointment only

Warkworth Nursery

761a State Highway 1, Dome Valley, Warkworth

Contact : Mandy Purvis | 027 470 0567

Visit by Appointment only

(Bio Cert 5253)

Warkworth Nurseries

Warkworth Nurseries

Visit by Appointment Only


Some videos and other media about organic gardening.

See our own Rob Velseboer in his weekly organic gardening videos on www.OrganicEdibleGarden.co.nz.

We are certified Organic by BioGro

Certified Organic

New Zealand is currently an unregulated organics market which means ‘greenwashing’ is common. Greenwashing is the marketing or promotion of a product as more sustainable and organic than it may really be.

Certified organic products like ours have been checked, audited and certified by a trusted certification agency like BioGro. In New Zealand, you can’t trust an organic product as authentic unless it has a certification logo (like the BioGro logo) on it’s packaging. Beware of imitations – products that say they are organic and sustainable can be far from it.

Organic agriculture

is more than just spray or residue free. It is a holistic style of farming where the health of the soil and environment is prioritised, including the surrounding flora and fauna. Farmers provide positive care for the environment by focussing on the long-term health of their land, waterways, soil and livestock rather than the short term gain. They use innovative and modern farming techniques to control pest and disease.

Organic production means to produce products that are made without genetic modification (GMO’s), the routine use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides. Organic production is the only sustainable option for benefiting ourselves, our environment and future generations.

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Riverhead Nursery

951 Coatseville-Riverhead Hwy, Riverhead, RD3 Albany

Warkworth Nursery

701a State Highway 1, Dome Valley, RD1 Warkworth

Postal Address

PO Box 566, Warkworth, Auckland 0981


Riverhead  021 0232 3555 | Warkworth 027 470 0567